Sunday, August 30, 2009

T. Amigo

One of my favourite pendant type inflorescence hybrid. Supposingly a hybrid between T. jalisco-monticola and T. rothii This hybrid was created by one of the prominent hybridiser in Tillandsiodeae sub-family, John Arden. A large plant with frosty green very recurved leaves following T. rothii. Mine gave flower early this year. Had been 8 months already and still going strong. The pictures were taken at different stages of it's blooming cycle.


One of the more popular Tillandsia. Considered a must have for a Tillandsia collector. I think this is due to this plant is under CITES regulation. No matter how, this is a beautiful plant. It can take fair amount of sunlight. Will curl up in a tight ball if left with slight dehydration. The inflorescence is in pastel green at initial stage slowly change to light orangy yellow at latter stage. Very showy plant.

T. funckiana

A small caulescent plant that clump very freely. One of very few Tillandsia that have red flowers. Also, a close relative of T. andreana. Came from the region of Venezuela at altitude range from 300-600m above sea level.

Friday, August 28, 2009

T. stricta

This is a fine leaf version. It's more elegant and delicate compared to the normal form. A shade loving plant. The inflorescence is more intense in pink coloration and looks globose too.Unfortunately not a ree flowering like its' normal cousin.

T. capitata Maya

Thought to be a hybrid between capitata Peach and xerographica. Up untill now there's still dispute on its origin. Nevertheless, this is a beautiful cultivar or perhaps hybrid. Rather a medium sized plant with velvety silvery leaves in a full rossette form. This clump have double blooming plants at its peak flowering.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

T. ionantha Feugo

One of the cutest, fastest and the most colorful among all the ionanthas cultivars. A small plant reaches to about 1.5 " when mature. The leaves will turn to brilliant red when at anthesis sprouting bluish purple flower spike. Usually it only produce 3 individual flowers that last for a day or two. A prolific pupper too.

Aechmea chantinii

I find this is one of the more interesting species in Aechmea. It has prominent silver banding with green background for the leaves but takes to dark brown or almost black color in direct light. The inflorescence is a simple colorful multispike flower with colors range from brilliant red to sometimes pale orange depending on different cultivars.